Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand


At Roseberry Primary we aim to deliver a curriculum which:-

  • is broad and balanced meeting the needs of all children allowing them to develop the skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become confident and independent learners
  • is inspiring, creative and challenging allowing for all learning styles and engaging for all pupils so that they can aim high and build the skills needed for their future lives
  • is engaging and provides opportunities for learning beyond those of the children’s everyday experiences
  • develops the whole child and promotes independent learning
  • gives a continuity of educational experience in which progression is carefully planned
  • is delivered through careful planning and is supported by on-going monitoring and assessment of children’s progress
  • meets with the requirements of the National Curriculum, Governors and LA policies as well as enriching this with our school curriculum
  • enables children to develop an awareness of self and sensitivity to others through moral, spiritual, cultural and social development
  • is unique to the school therefore meeting the needs of the children and the community of the school
  • is continually looking to the future, ensuing that new technologies are used effectively and our children are equipped to be citizens of the future

The Curriculum
The Creative Curriculum has been organised through a ‘topic based’ approach which incorporates the key skills set out in the National Curriculum. Each year group develops a long term map which forms the basis of their curriculum including time where children are able to lead the direction of the curriculum.

At the start of each term, children are directly involved within the planning process of their topic – in a year group, therefore, two classes may be delivering the same topic but approaching it in different ways.

Links are made wherever possible with all subjects but some subjects or parts of subjects will be taught discretely eg phonics

Topics are enhanced through the provision of visits, visitors and exciting resources

The Early Years Curriculum

Our Early Years curriculum is based on the 17 areas of learning set out in the Development Matters Document.  The Prime areas of learning which are Communication and Language (Listening & Attention, Understanding and Speaking), Physical Development (Moving & Handling, Health & Self-Care), Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Making Relationships, Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness, Managing Feelings & Behaviour) and the Specific areas of learning which are Literacy (Reading and Writing), Mathematics (Number and Shape, Space & Measure), Understanding the world (The World, People & Communities, Technology), Expressive Art and Design(Exploring & Using Media & Materials and Being Imaginative).  We aim to support children’s development in all areas of learning through following children’s interests, encouraging play and exploration, promoting creativity, providing stimulating and engaging areas set up both inside and outside of the classroom and through child and adult led activities.  At the end of Reception all children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals for each area of learning.

For ideas about how to help your child please have a look at the What to Expect and When Document or speak to your child’s teacher.

If you would like to view our long term maps for individual year groups, then access these from the links, below:

2018-19 Early Years

2018-2019 Year 1

2018-2019 Year 2

2018-2019 Year 3

2018-2019 Year 4

2018-2019 Year 5

2018-2019 Year 6

If you require any further information about our curriculum, please email our school administrator, Mrs Fleming at