Enrichment Nursery

WB 11.2.19

This week in Nursery we focussed on ‘Dental Health Week’, thinking about how to take care of our teeth and why it is important.  Like every week in Nursery, we all brushed our teeth each day with Mrs Currie, and enjoyed completing lots of different work on teeth and how to keep them healthy. We enjoyed some of our grown-ups coming in for ‘Working Together Wednesdays’ and doing lots of different dental health activities in the hall. We liked like making crocodiles, decorating masks, creating a healthy packed lunch, using toothbrushes to clean off whiteboard marker and lots more! We have read ‘Smile, Crocodile, Smile’ and loved painting some of our own Clarabella Crocodiles.  Click here to see our photos.

WB 4.2.19

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WB 28.1.19

This week in Nursery we celebrated ‘National Storytelling Week’ and read some of our favourite books. We invited our grown-ups in to Nursery to share some of our favourite stories with us every day too!   On Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon we read ‘Shark in the Park’ and made our very own telescopes so we could go on a shark hunt. We Tweeted about our adventures and were very excited to find that Nick Sharratt, the author of the book, Tweeted us back and sent us a personalised poster!  On Wednesday we read ‘Don’t Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly’ and made some wibbly wobbly jelly to eat ourselves – yum! We loved sharing lots of different books and had a go at telling some of the stories ourselves.  Click here to see our photos.

WB 7.1.19

This week we have enjoyed talking about our Christmas holidays and are excited to start our new topic, ‘Super Heroes’. We have loved sharing stories and singing our favourite nursery rhymes this week and outside we have enjoyed playing football and have enjoyed joining in with lots of different games. Click here to see our photographs.

Christmas Performance

The nursery children worked so hard to put on a wonderful Christmas performance alongside Reception.  Some of them even did the show three times in one day.  Click here to see photographs of us in our Christmas outfits.

WB 26.11.18

This week we have loved reading ‘Room on the Broom’ and have had lots of fun using shapes to make our own witches! On Wednesday we welcomed some of our grown-ups into Nursery to enjoy some phonics activities and loved looking for letters all around the outdoor area on a letter hunt! We have been working on representing numbers and some of us have had a go at writing the number 4 on our number of the week table.

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WB 19.11.18

This week we have enjoyed ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’ and have been singing lots of Nursery Rhymes. We have made little dicky birds in the creative area, counted currents on to current buns in the maths area and have made cakes in the play dough area! We also toasted some hot cross buns to eat with butter, yum! On Wednesday we had Dawn and Jack from Signing Tots in to show us some sign language and teach us some new songs, we had lots of fun!

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WB 12.11.18

This week we have continued reading ‘What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?’ and thought about what we might have in our own kitchen and drew pictures of our ideas. We have also been thinking hard about rhyming words and trying to think of words that rhyme within the story. On Wednesday it was ‘No Pens Wednesday’ so we took away all of our writing tools in Nursery and focused on developing our language and communication skills.

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WB 5.11.18

This week we have enjoyed starting our new topic, ‘Magic, Witches and Wizards’ and read ‘What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen’. We loved creating firework pictures using paints and glitter and made rocket pictures using lots of different shapes. We baked firework biscuits with different coloured sprinkles in and all enjoyed eating them! We thought about Remembrance Day and made some of our own poppies using paint inside of a laminating sheet and created a beautiful display in our Nursery to help us remember.

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WB 22.10.18

This week we have had so much fun! We enjoyed lots of spooky activities across the week and loved our spooky party on Wednesday! We did games and dancing and had some tasty party food. We enjoyed our grown-ups coming in to do lots of harvest activities too! We painted our fingers to make trees, used leaves to make the prickles on hedgehog pictures and made beautiful leaf sun catchers using a special laminating pouch and cellophane.

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WB 15.10.18

This week we continued reading ‘What Makes Me Happy?’ and thought about the different emotions the people in the book were feeling. We were SO excited for Mrs Haslam to discover a baby hedgehog in our car park and loved having a look at and taking care of it with Mr Colpitts. We have also made our own individual pizzas this week, we practiced our spreading with tomato puree and added our favourite toppings from; pineapple, sweetcorn, hotdog, ham and cheese! Yum!

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WB 8.10.18

This week we have enjoyed reading ‘What Makes Me Happy?’ and shared our thoughts on what makes us happy!  We have been using conkers to help us with our maths work and have loved exploring outside.  We have also started our fine motor intervention, helping us to strengthen our muscles to help us start to write!

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WB 1.10.18

This week we have loved reading ‘Elmer’ and thinking about how everyone is different and how we are all special in our own way.  We enjoyed making different elephant pictures using glue to stick on different materials and paints.  This week we also baked ‘Elmer’ cakes which were lots of different colours. They were very yummy!

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WB 24.9.18

This week we explored some of the children’s interest in conkers and have been on an Autumn Hunt around the school grounds.  We found lots of different things and loved collaging with them to create pictures.  We have enjoyed exploring outside using magnifying glasses and had lots of fun making funny faces looking through them!

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WB 17.9.18

This week we have enjoyed reading ‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr and thinking about how all of our families are very different!  We have been looking at trying to identify ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘the same’ in our maths activity.  We enjoyed going to the hall for our PE lesson and all did so well trying our very best to get our own PE kit on.

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WB 10.9.18

This week we have had lots of fun in Nursery! We made playdough with Mrs Currie and chose to have red playdough this week, we all enjoyed making sandwiches filled with either cheese, ham or jam (yum) and ate them at snack time. We have also loved sharing some of the children’s interests and have looked at some children’s special things from out of school!

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WB 3.9.18

This week we have enjoyed settling back in and meeting the new children that have joined us in Nursery. We have been using paint to make hand prints and have been collaging to make paper plate faces. We have also been sharing who lives in our houses and have drawn pictures of those people in our very own lolly-stick houses!

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