Enterprise Team

Our Enterprise Team was established in 2013 when seven of our children, joined by Miss Logan, attended the Bright Ideas Challenge hosted by Stockton Council. The event took place during Global Entrepreneurship Week and was a two day event which included a master class covering topics such as ‘how to make money’, ‘enterprising skills’ and ‘what do we already have that we could use or expand on?’.

The children embraced the challenge to develop a product or service that would work with our school and set about planning how they would go about it.

Once they had decided that food would be their product they have been unstoppable! Guided by Miss Logan but encouraged to work in their team, our children have designed a logo, researched their ideas and developed a business plan.

Children and parents have seen the benefits with our Enterprise Team grasping every opportunity to sell their products inside and outside of the school. They have managed a fruit stall on Stockton Market, used vegetables from our school allotment to make pasta sauce and soup, regularly provide catering at our family events and even manage the Breakfast Club.

They are not about to miss an opportunity and decided to make heart shaped biscuits, cakes and smoothies for Valentines Day and managed our recent Halloween Disco.

“The children are enthusiastic about this opportunity and work on the ideas and delivery themselves. We are extremely proud of their efforts not only with the club itself, but also encouraging others to get involved in the project to ensure they leave a legacy when they move on to secondary school.” Miss Logan.

 Projects 2016 – 2017

Stockton Sparkles Market and School Christmas Fayre – On Friday 25th November 2016, 8 members of the Enterprise team managed a stall at the Stockton Sparkles Market. They sold Christmas products which they had made themselves, organising the pricing and their float and also handling money including giving change. The team then decided to hold a stall at the School Christmas fayre to sell their overstock. In total, they made a profit of £120.15; true entrepreneurship!

Breakfast Club – The Enterprise Team continue to offer toast and cereal, milk and orange juice every morning  from 8:30am till 8:50am in our KS2 hall. A voluntary contribution of 10p is asked.
We are now working with Warburton’s in Stockton who are kindly donating us 10 products each week.

Friendship fish- Due to popular demand and the success of last year, Friendship fish made a comeback at the beginning of February. Making £11.20 for the Enterprise team, they have made the decision to put this money towards purchasing playground buddy tabards, which will be used in both buildings.

Playtime buddies– Moving forward from the success of raising enough money to purchase our Buddy Benches, the Enterprise team have trained playground buddies, including both KS1 and KS2 children. These children can be seen wearing their tabards during break times.

Training with Jennifer Donaldson – On the 13th March 2017, the Enterprise team took part in a training course with Stockton Council’s Enterprise leader, Jennifer Donaldson.

Fairtrade breakfast– Parents were invited into school to eat a Fairtrade breakfast with their children from 6th – 9th March, 2017

Links with the Local Church – A Reverend from our local Church visited school on 7th March, 2017 to lead an assembly and inform the children about how to look after the community. The Enterprise team along with our Rights Respecting School Council, have since planned to take part in activities to work in and with the local community.

Roseberry Explore Enterprise and Innovation in the Classroom

On Monday 13th March 2017, Business and Enterprise Officer Jenny Donaldson delivered 2 exciting new enterprise programmes designed for KS2 learners at Roseberry Primary School in Billingham.

The programmes, ‘Enterprising Me’ and ‘Innovation Generation’ were designed with children in mind and allow pupils to explore the skill s and attributes that future employers will look for. The first programme, ‘Enterprising Me’ sees pupils working in teams to create their vision of an entrepreneur. The second programme that was delivered was ‘Innovation Generation’ and sends pupils on a journey of the music industry and how home entertainment has changed over the last few decades.

If your would like to read more about this amazing initiate, click on the link below.

School Enterprise Case Study

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