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Results at Roseberry Primary School

In the summer term of Years 2 and 6, the children carry out the required Standard Assessment Tasks and Tests (SATS). Parents are informed of how their child has done at the end of the summer term when they receive their child’s school report.
The results at Roseberry Primary School do vary from year to year as each cohort of children is unique. All children, however, in each cohort, make good progress.



Expected Standard +

  Good Level of Development Maths Reading Writing
School 55% 77% 62% 57%
National (provisionally) 71% 77% 77% 73%



Key Stage 1

% of Pupils achieving the national standard in phonics

Year 1
School 72%
National (provisionally) 81%

Those children who do not meet the required standard at the end of Year 1 need to be re-screened in Year 2.
By the end of Year 2:

Year 2
School 93%
National (provisionally) 62%


With the introduction of the new National curriculum, curriculum levels for attainment were abolished and replaced by new criteria relating to age. Pupils are either ‘Working Towards’ the age-related standard, ‘Working At’ the age-related standard or ‘Working at Greater Depth’ within the age-related standard.


Key Stage 1

Year 2 Assessment Results


  % Working at expected standard
  School National (provisionally)
Reading 72% 75.5%
Writing 68% 68.2%
Mathematics 78% 75.1%
Science 87% 82%
Reading, Writing and Maths combined 68% 63.7%


Key Stage 2

  % Working at expected standard % Working at higher standard
  School National School National
Reading 43% 66% 10% 19%
Writing 79% 74% 3% 15%
Mathematics 72% 70% 9% 17%
SPAG 81% 72% 21% 22%
Reading, Writing and Maths combined 34% 53% 2% 5%


Average Progress from the end of Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2

The National Average progress score is 0. Scores above 0 indicate that children are making above national average progress in the school and scores below 0 indicate that children are making less than average progress.

Scores between -5 and 5 for Reading and Mathematics and -7 and 7 for writing are within an acceptable range.

  School National
Subject Progress Score Progress Score
Reading -2.11 0
Writing 1.28 0
Maths 1.28 0


Average Scaled Score


  School National
Subject Scaled Score Scaled Score
Reading 98.5 102.6
SPAG 104.8 104.0
Maths 102.6 103.0