Welcome to Reception!

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Here you will find information about the Reception staff members, photographs of the learning environment and updates on what the children have been doing in school.

Mrs Haslam and Mrs Thurston are the Reception class teachers and work alongside teaching assistants, Mrs Royal-Failes, Mrs Smith, Mrs Currie and Mrs Nicholl.

In Reception, we start the day with breakfast and morning activities to settle the children upon entry. We are enthusiastic about learning new things during our whole-class and group activities. Children learn Mathematics and Literacy with a strong emphasis placed on Phonics. We particularly enjoy Phonics, learning letter sounds through actions and applying knowledge in fun and engaging games. To extend children’s knowledge and understanding, we work in small groups for Writing, Reading and Mathematics. We have the luxury of a peaceful workspace, The Learning Room, to help children focus to ensure maximum learning (UNCRC Articles 28).

Each half term we have a new topic theme to engage and stimulate the children’s imagination which is reflected in the areas and planned activities. There are many areas of learning to work in such as sand, water, creative, reading, construction, computers and role-play. The children love the option of choosing activities inside and outside, especially the adventurous outdoor play opportunities including the climbing frame, log run, the sensory garden and the builder’s yard sandpit – whatever the weather! (UNCRC Articles 31)

Homework is given out weekly. Each child has their own homework folder. The folder contains a Basic Skills book and a pencil case containing colouring pencils, a writing pencil, a sharpener, a rubber and a ruler. At the start of a new half term, children will be given a new creative project. This is intended to take the full half term and should be returned on the given date. Each week children will receive phonics homework in their basic skills book, in order to practise writing and recognising the sounds they have been learning. They will also receive weekly Maths homework and a daily reading book to share with you at home. Reading books are changed in school once they have been shared at home and can be changed as often as you would like. We also have an Early Years Home School Diary for open communication between home and school.

Every week, each class teacher will choose a Pupil of the Week. They will have been chosen because they have excelled in either work, behaviour or a personal achievement. They have their own special chair and are given the responsibility to deliver important messages to the office. (UNCRC Articles 29).

Every Friday afternoon we have Golden Time where children’s excellent behaviour is recognised and rewarded, via an activity chosen by the children such as cooking, parachute games, an art activity or music session. Those of us who have excelled in behaviour throughout the whole half term are invited to our End of Term Treat. For example a visit to the local park or a Superhero party.

If you would like to see what we will be learning about in Reception and to access key dates and ways in which you can support your child at home, click on the links below to access the Parent Information Packs for each half term or Reception’s Long Term Map.

Autumn 1 Parent Information

Reception Long Term Map

Thank you for reading all about Reception!