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Steering Group Meeting – Spring Term 2018

The Rights Respecting Champions held a steering group meeting on Wednesday 10th January 2018.  The Rights Respecting Champions were joined by staff, parents and governors.  On the agenda for the meeting was for the children to choose signage for our new playground charter and they also planned the activities for the sharing event where other schools had been invited to Roseberry.

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10.01.18 – Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Our next steering group meeting will be on Wednesday 28th February at 9.15am in the KS2 Hall.  Please feel free to come along and join us.

Class Charters

At the start of the year each class create a class charter with their teacher.  It helps to include the children in the decision making process and nurtures a positive classroom atmosphere.  Every class in school from Nursery to Year 6 have a charter that is age appropriate and agreed by all children and adults who work in each classroom.  When creating their class charter the children and the adults agree the rights that are most important in relation to what is done in the classroom for example the right to be safe.  The language for the charter is always appropriate to the children so they can understand its purpose. The children then decide what they will do to respect the rights of others and what they would like the adults to do to ensure that their rights are met.  Adults and children refer to the charters when discussing behaviour each day.  By creating a charter in class it makes the rights of the child real and meaningful to them in their everyday lives and each classroom charter is individual to the class who has created it.

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Breakfast at Roseberry

As a school we recognise a child’s right to healthy, nutritious food (Article 24) and understand that for children to be able to concentrate fully on their learning they need to start the day with breakfast.  We therefore give all children access to breakfast on arrival to school.


First Aid in Year 5

The children are aware of their right to medical care (Article 24) and we felt that it was important that they knew how to keep themselves and others safe by knowing basic first aid.
St Johns Ambulance came into school and delivered a workshop across Year 5 and afterschool to parents to share some key skills that could save a life.

The children enjoyed learning how to put people into the recovery position, phone for an ambulance and how to treat a bleeding wound.

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