School Meals

Our school meals are prepared on our premises and are served from 12pm in each building. The meals are nutritionally balanced and support a healthy, balanced diet.

Meals need to be paid for at the start of each week. Presently, they cost £2.05 per day, £10.25 per week for children in KS2 but as from September 2014, will be free for children in KS1.

Free School Meals
If you think your child may be entitled to free meals, please contact school or the Free School Meals Section, Education Department, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton. Free school meals are supplied to children whose families are in receipt of certain support payments.

Our school meals follow a four week cycle as follows:

Meal Menus for April to July 2018

Meal Menus January – March 2018

Meal Menus September – December 2017

Meal Menus April – July 2017


Packed Lunches
Children can also choose to have a packed lunch but these do need to be healthy and follow the requirements of our Packed Lunch Policy