10 tips on how to help your child through SATs!

SATs week begins next week and it can be a very stressful time for primary school children. If your child is sitting SATs next week, here’s a few things you can do to help your child feel confident and less stressed!

  1. Keep things relaxed at home – starting the day in a positive mind-set can be really helpful as well as coming home to a calm place after a busy day
  2. Eat right – we’re providing breakfast so they will be raring to go!
  3. Get a goodnight’s sleep – try and put your child to bed earlier than normal, so if they struggle to get to sleep because they’re worried they should get their usual amount of sleep
  4. Encourage your child that they have nothing to worry about – it’s okay to feel nervous, it’s completely normal!
  5. Exercise – it’s important that your child gets some exercise, go to the park, a walk or a bike ride
  6. Speak openly to your child and ask about their day/feelings towards the tests to settle any worries
  7. Provide constant praise/reassurance and help them with anything they feel unsure about
  8. Come in to speak with the Year 6 team to get some additional support
  9. Do something fun to take their mind off the tests even if it’s just going for a walk
  10. Set a fun goal/treat for the evening when all the tests are complete


Good luck to our Year 6 pupils!