Annie, Arnie and the Aspiration Army

Annie and Arnie are part of the Aspiration Army. They always work super hard because they know the skills they learn in school will help them achieve the unimaginable in life.
Annie has always dreamed of flying high, so one day, she hopes to become a pilot. Arnie likes helping people and is very kind and caring, so one day, he hopes to become a nurse.

Annie and Arnie always encourage others to stride ahead, break down boundaries and reach up high. At Roseberry, to achieve our dreams just like Annie and Arnie want to, we must be continually marching forward towards our own unique goals.

Are you like Annie, Arnie and the Aspiration Army?

  • We have big dreams and are able to set goals
  • We believe in ourselves and in others and understand that we can achieve anything
  • We like to help people and to support others in the community
  • We believe that we are all equal and that stereotypes should be challenged
  • We believe that working hard is important at school and at home
  • We understand that reading and homework will help us widen our ideas
  • We respect ourselves and others as individuals and challenge those who don’t
  • We are proud of who we are
  • We are interested in the difference and similarities in school including our different beliefs, cultures, likes and dislikes
  • We listen to others when they are speaking and can follow instructions given by an adult