Artie Creative

Artie Creative reflects the diversity of Roseberry. Artie Creative’s wings were once firmly stuck to her side until Roseberry Primary School encouraged her to think outside the box and spread her wings.  The super supportive environment has given Artie Creative the strength to take off and soar into the clouds, expressing her individuality as well as inventing new ideas across the curriculum and beyond.  From mathematics to musicality, from local to global, she quickly learned that you don’t need to be the best – you just need to be yourself.

Are you like Artie Creative?

  • I can talk about the things I enjoy
  • I can talk about the things that other people enjoy doing
  • I understand that I should take the opportunities offered to me
  • I understand that different people enjoy doing different things
  • I understand that I might not be good at everything but I can like doing them
  • I can talk about what makes me different to my friends and why that makes me special
  • I can enjoy sharing positive experiences with others
  • I have big dreams and can set myself challenges to achieve them
  • I can motivate myself and others and encourage them to make good choices
  • I understand that I am an individual and have my own likes and dislikes