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Mission Christmas – Cash for Kids 2017

School staff decided again that this year they would not send each other Christmas cards but instead donate the money that they would have spent to a charity. We believe it is important to involve the children in decisions as they have a right to say what they think should happen (Article 12). The children chose the charity Cash for Kids as they felt that this would help to benefit the local community the most at Christmas time. We are a Rights Respecting school and all children have the right to relax and play (Article 31) and the children hoped that by spending the money raised on toys, more children in the local community would be able to play at Christmas time.
Mrs Stewart and Mrs Haslam took a representative from each year group to B&M bargains to spend the £100 raised. The children enjoyed filling the trolley with a range of toys. 

Please click here to see photos of our shopping trip.



Mission Christmas – Cash for Kids 2016

Every year instead of sending Christmas cards the staff at Roseberry donate money to charity.  This year the children found out that lots of children in our area do not receive presents at Christmas time therefore are not having their right to play met (Article 31), they then asked the staff if they could support the Mission Christmas Cash for Kids charity.  Mrs Haslam and Miss Hansen collected all of the staff donations and took the children to B and M in Billingham.  The children chose toys for a variety of age ranges and bought them using the money that the staff had collected.  The manager at the store then helped children to put their purchases in the special trolley to be collected by the charity.  The children were very excited and happy to be part of supporting this important charity.

Please click here to see photos of our shopping trip to buy the donated presents.

Christmas in the Community 2016

The children recognised that the right to food and water (Article 24) is vital to our survival. We thought about people less fortunate than us and wanted to do something to help. The Rights Respecting Champions came up with the idea of charging a £1 entry fee to our Christmas performance and using this money to support the local church and the foodbank.

Using the money, we donated £300 to the Foodbank and donated over 100 boxes of chocolates and homemade Christmas cards to St Aidan’s Church who gave these out as gifts to the vulnerable people who went there for Christmas dinner.

Please click here to see photos of some of our children making these donations.