Eager Ethos

When Eager Ethos first started at Roseberry he  was a tiny seedling. Through careful nourishment and a calm, safe environment he has blossomed into a beautiful, healthy bloom.  His big ears and bright eyes represent how he was listened to and looked out for while also being guided to look out for and listen to others.  He has learned that his actions, words and choices can have an impact on those around him but also help to keep him safe in and out of school.  Standing tall with a sense of pride, he is strong and is rooted even in stormy weathers.  His big smile welcomes all, celebrating our individuality.

Are you like Eager Ethos?

  • I can show kindness to others
  • I can listen and appreciate being listened to
  • I can see when others are hurt or upset and can help them
  • I can help offer help to others when they need it
  • I am proud of mine and the achievements of others
  • I appreciate that we are all different and that is what makes our community special
  • I can say sorry, admit and learn from it when I have made a mistake
  • I understand that my actions, words and choices have consequences and may impact on others
  • I am ready to learn, can ask for help when I need it, and want to challenge myself
  • I understand what I need to do to keep me healthy and happy