Eco and Forest Schools

Eco Schools

We think we are lucky to have such lovely grounds here at Roseberry and would like to encourage both children and adults to do all they can to preserve them.

The Eco Team is made up of children from each year group in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Every Friday, the children meet with Miss Fletcher and Mr Armstrong to carry out a range of activities from litter picking to analysing how much energy is being used in school. Recently, the Eco Team helped school achieve The Green Flag Award, this is a globally recognised award which recognises the brilliant work pupils at our school carry out to create an Eco friendly school.

Our Eco Warriors are made of representatives from each class. They help to make sure:

  • that lights are switched off when we leave the classroom
  • that our recycling bags are emptied daily
  • that computers are switched off at the end of the school day
  • that other children understand the importance of recycling and saving energy

We have purchased water butts and fruit compost bins – we encourage the children to collect fruit peelings and apple cores and use this in our garden compost area.

Each class has their own Garden Plot and selects the fruit and vegetables they would like to grow.

Every week, Mr Stockill works alongside the children from each class tending and nurturing the fruit and vegetables.  When the fruit and vegetables are ready to be picked, they are used in our school dinners or shared with the children. Recently some of the vegetables have also been used in cookery lessons with Mrs Robson.

Why not take a look at our ‘Bug Hotel’ and plastic bottle greenhouse?

Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning

Forest School and outdoor learning activities are planned regularly making links with topics, science, maths and English.

In Forest School activities, children learn a variety of skills to equip them for life. They learn to work in teams safely and responsibly and how to respect each other and the world around them. Children have so far learned how to tie knots (and use them appropriately), how to make shelters and how to make a campfire safely. The children all look forward to toasting marshmallows on a fire!