Enterprise Team

Our Enterprise Team was established in 2013 when seven of our children, joined by Miss Logan, attended the Bright Ideas Challenge hosted by Stockton Council. The event took place during Global Entrepreneurship Week and was a two day event which included a master class covering topics such as ‘how to make money’, ‘enterprising skills’ and ‘what do we already have that we could use or expand on?’.

Over the years, enterprise activities and events have taken place across year groups and there are planned opportunities for children to research, design and make their own products to support with school fund raising. Children and parents have seen the benefits with our enterprise events grasping every opportunity to sell their products inside and outside of the school. They have managed a fruit stall on Stockton Market, used vegetables from our school allotment to make pasta sauce and soup, run our FairShare stall, and even make items to sell as part of our annual Christmas Catalogue and Summer Fayre.

The children are enthusiastic about these opportunities and work on the ideas and delivery themselves.