More Able and Talented

At Roseberry Primary School we make sure that we meet the needs of our more able and talented children by:

  • Keeping a provision map to track of the opportunities that the children are being given to develop their abilities.
  • Differentiating lessons to ensure all children’s needs are being met
  • Closely monitoring the progress out MA&T children are making to make sure that no child is underachieving.
  • Making sure that we have good professional development for teachers so that they are trained to meet the needs of the children.
  • Having high expectations of all of our children
  • Making sure that our resources meet the needs of all of our learners
  • Encouraging pupils to think for themselves, ask questions, take responsibility for own learning and contribute ideas
  • Using a variety of pace, teaching styles and classroom organisation
  • Providing a stimulating learning environment.

This is not a definitive list; we are continually reviewing our practises to ensure we challenge all of our children.

Please click on the link(s) below to download/view copies of useful documents:-

Useful Websites/Resources for More Able Children

More Able and Talented Policy

NACE Membership Certificate