Parent Information

Every half term, teachers will email a curriculum PowerPoint to parents outlining the coverage for the half term linked to a specific topic (for all subjects). In addition, there are suggestions for home learning links and ways that parents can support their child at home as well as an outline of key dates and additional information.

If you would like to access these, use the links below.

Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Autumn 1 Marvellous Me  Marvellous Me  What Lies In Our Splendid Skies?  Hello, Who Is There?  What Happened in Ancient Egypt?  Where In the World Am I?  What Can Be Seen In Space? Have You Got the Power?
Autumn 2 Colour, Pattern and Shape I Wonder What Will Happen If…? Why Do We Remember the 5th November?  Where Does the Forest Meet the Sea?  What Is So Special About the North of England? Why Were the Romans So Ruthless? What Happened After the Romans Abandoned Britain? What and When Was the Victorian Era?
Spring 1 Transport What’s Up There? What is Brilliant About Billingham? A Quest into the Unknown Who is Stone Age Boy and How Did He Survive? What is the Most Extreme Weather on Earth? Why Did the Vikings Choose to Invade Britain? Who Were the Mayans?
Spring 2
Fairy Tales
Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Who Wants to go on a Road Trip?
How Do You Build a Castle Over ‘Knight’?
What Are the Major Climate Zones of the World?
What Role Did Britain Play in World War 2
How Influential Were the Ancient Greeks?
Where Would You Rather Live: Spain or Mexico?














If you would like to view our long term maps for individual year groups, then access these from the links, below:
Nursery Long Term Map 2020-21
Reception Long Term Map 2020-21
Year 1 Long Term Map 2020-2021
Year 2 Long Term Map 2020-2021
Year 3 Long Term Map 2020-2021
Year 4 Long Term Map 2020-2021
Year 5 Long Term Map 2020-2021
Year 6 Long Term Map 2020-2021

If you require any further information about our curriculum, please email our school administrator, Mrs Fleming at