Steely Resilience

Steely Resilience represents the ability of not giving up. He says, “When we get knocked down, we get up again!”
At Roseberry, just like Steely, even though we encounter struggles and difficulties or have obstacles put in our way, we don’t give up.  With the support and encouragement of everyone at Roseberry, we keep on trying to be the best that we can be.  Steely loves to celebrate his and others’ successes and recognises that by persevering, success in all areas of school and life can be achieved.  He knows that success breeds success and at Roseberry, we like to fly high.

Are you like Steely Resilience?

  • I will always give my best and not give up
  • I will ask for help when I need it
  • I can talk about things that I find difficult
  • I can listen to feedback and will use it to help me move forward
  • I can help others when they are finding things difficult
  • I can recognise when I have done well and can celebrate
  • I can recognise and values others when they have succeeded
  • I understand my feelings when I get things wrong or have made wrong choices
  • I understand that we learn from our mistakes
  • I understand that my learning is a journey