Uniform is worn at Roseberry to develop a sense of pride in being a member of the Roseberry Primary School community.  Wearing uniform also prevents clothing becoming the focus of unkind comparisons based on cost and fashion and has a significant impact on the way children behave.​



 Winter Uniform
Grey/Black skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
White/pale blue polo shirt/blouse
School sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece
Black shoes, black, navy, grey tights or socks

Summer Uniform
Blue and white gingham dresses
Grey/black shorts
White/pale blue polo shirt/blouse
Black shoes

PE Uniform
White/blue round neck t-shirt
Navy/black PE shorts
Black plimsolls or non-marking trainers

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleeces and PE kit are available from the school.  Uniform orders are placed regularly each term.   There are a selection of sweatshirts in school to try for size.The child’s initials can be embroidered on to the uniform.  This helps with locating lost items of clothing.

Please ensure that all other items of clothing are named.

In addition all children will need a PE bag and a school book bag.

No jewellery, body piercing or tattoos must be worn in school.

(Parents wishing to have their child’s ears pierced should do so at the beginning of the summer holidays in order to allow healing to occur before earrings are taken out)

Football shirts, coloured trainers, sportswear, and jeans are not suitable for school and should not be worn at any time.

Hair should be smart and clean and suitable for all activities.  Long hair needs to be tied back for PE activities.  Coloured hair, patterned trimming and closely cropped styles are not appropriate to a school environment.

Personal Property and Lost Property

School cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property – clothes, own equipment, pens, calculators, toys, money or watches.  School provides all the equipment that the children need in school.

Lost property is regularly displayed for the children.  Parents who wish to check the lost property can do so via the office.  Lost property is cleared at the end of each term and sent to a charity shop.