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Reading at Roseberry

          At Roseberry we recognise the benefits of being able to read fluently and to a high standard.  We consider it to be
                                  one of the most important skills children will learn in school.

             •  Imagine not being able to fill out a form to apply for a job or not being able to read the instructions on a
                 bottle of medicine
             •  Reading helps us discover new things – books, magazines and the internet are all learning tools that require
                 us to be able to read
             •  Statistics have identified that high ability readers at the age of 10 go on to earn up to 21% more than those
                 less able – that could be the difference between earning £20,800 and £25,168!
        We therefore aim to create and inspire readers who:

            •  Have an excellent phonic knowledge
            •  Have an extensive and rich vocabulary
            •  Have excellent comprehension skills
            •  Can read with fluency and accuracy across a range of topics and contexts
            •  Love reading for pleasure and are able to discuss their favourite authors and genre of books
            •  Can use books and other written media for research and study
        In order to achieve the above:

            •  Every classroom has an inviting book corner
            •  Stories are shared daily with our children
            •  Children have access to a wide range of books via their class libraries as well as the school libraries
            •  Children are listened to read regularly
            •  Children take home books to practise with their parents and carers
            •  We have bespoke book lists for children to read at different stages

        Initially reading is closely linked to the teaching of phonics.

         In nursery we:

         •  Work on Letters and Sounds Phase 1 initially and then move on to our bespoke Roseberry Phonics
             Curriculum when children are ready to begin learning the sounds.

        In Reception we:

         •  Work on the bespoke Roseberry phonics curriculum takes place every morning in ability groups.

        In Year 1 and 2 we:

         •  Work on the bespoke Roseberry phonics curriculum takes place every morning at 11.30am in ability
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