At Roseberry Primary School, we seek to encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere where good relationships exist within a caring environment where all children are given the opportunity to achieve their potential. 

Children are encouraged to develop independence and self discipline in order to demonstrate the accepted behaviour and act in a way which allows all children to have their rights respected.

A consistent approach to behaviour amongst the school community ensures that all pupils, staff and parents work to a common goal based on mutual respect and understanding of others.

At Roseberry, we are careful to distinguish between the child and their unacceptable behaviour. We ensure that all children understand they have a part to play when making choices about their actions so that all children have their rights met.

School’s approach to creating a culture that promotes excellent behaviour is based on a set of vision characters (Avatars) and their values which children should be able to understand and demonstrate consistently through their voice, actions and choices.

Pupils are expected to:

  • Behave in an orderly and self-controlled way
  • Show respect to members of staff and each other
  • In class, make it possible for all pupils to learn
  • Move quietly around the school
  • Treat the school buildings and school property with respect
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Accept sanctions when given
  • Refrain from behaving in a way that brings the school into disrepute, including when outside school or online
  • Where appropriate and reasonable, adjustments may be made to routines within the curriculum to ensure all pupils can meet behavioural expectations in the curriculum.

You can download copies of our Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy from our Policies and Procedures page.