At Roseberry Primary School, we seek to encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere where good relationships exist within a caring environment where all children are given the opportunity to achieve their potential. As well as this, we place the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child at the heart of our practice to improve well being and help all children and young people realise their potential.

Children are encouraged to develop independence and self discipline in order to demonstrate the accepted behaviour and act in a way which allows all children to have their rights respected.

A consistent approach to behaviour amongst the school community ensures that all pupils, staff and parents work to a common goal based on mutual respect and understanding of others.

At Roseberry, we are careful to distinguish between the child and their unacceptable behaviour. We ensure that all children understand they have a part to play when making choices about their actions so that all children have their rights met.

Rewards and Sanctions

Our weekly reward for Years 1 – 6 is our special Golden Time every Thursday or Friday afternoon. At the beginning of each half term, children agree (via vote) on an activity for each week of the half term. This ‘menu’ of varied and exciting activities is then displayed in classrooms for children to refer to. If children have not followed their class rules, they may lose some of their Golden Time. Please see our Behaviour Policy for more information on rewards and sanctions.

At the end of every half term, children who have consistently followed their class rules earn an ‘End of Term Treat’. This extra special activity is decided, again by the children, at the beginning of the half term and parents are informed of the end of term treat during the first week of each term by Parent PowerPoints whcih are emailed out to parents and carers.

Click here to access our behaviour policy.

Click here to access our Anti-Bullying Policy.

Click here to access the Child Friendly Version of our Anti-Bullying Policy and here to download a copy of the Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy poster that is displayed in classrooms.