Roseberry Pupils Soar


At Roseberry Primary School, we aim to deliver a curriculum which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum and of each individual pupil. In line with our vision, we believe that our children should not be defined by their socio-economic circumstances, ethnicity or gender status. We expect them to achieve the very best that they are capable of in readiness for their future lives, where they will be given the opportunity to become well-rounded, responsible and ambitious individuals. Our curriculum is designed to negate any disadvantages or poor experiences that pupils may have experienced, either at home or in a previous setting.

In addition to the above, our intent includes the following aspects:-

Our curriculum will:

  • Inspire, challenging and be creative allowing for all learning styles and engaging for all pupils so that they can aim high and build the skills that they need
  • Develop the whole child and promotes independent learning
  • Engage and provides opportunities for learning beyond those of the children’s every day experiences
  • Give a continuity of educational experience in which progression is carefully planned and delivered and supported by on-going monitoring and assessment of children’s progress
  • Enable children to develop an awareness of self and sensitivity to others through moral, spiritual, cultural and social development
  • Continually looking to the future ensuring that new technologies are used effectively and children are equipped to be citizens of the future

Curriculum Implementations

Our values system is based on 6 avatars which underpin the ethos and expectations of Roseberry Primary School. The characteristics of the avatars shape and inspire children to develop the skills needed to access our wide ranging and robust curriculum. Information about our Avatars and our school vision and ethos can be found on our Vision Page.