Our Vision

Roseberry Pupils Soar

 At Roseberry our vision is summed up through the above mission statement. We believe that our children should not be defined by their socio-economic circumstances, ethnicity or gender status. We expect them to achieve the very best that they are capable of in readiness for their future lives.

 Our vision for Roseberry is underpinned by a set of values, which like pieces in a puzzle, join together to shape well-rounded, responsible and ambitious individuals.


Meet Eager Ethos
When Eager Ethos first started at Roseberry he was a tiny seedling. Through careful nourishment and a calm, safe environment he has blossomed into a beautiful, healthy bloom.  His big ears and bright eyes represent how he was listened to and looked out for while also being guided to look out for and listen to others.  He has learned that his actions, words and choices can have an impact on those around him but also help to keep him safe in and out of school.  Standing tall with a sense of pride, he is strong and is rooted even in stormy weathers.  His big smile welcomes all, celebrating our individuality.
To be like Eager Ethos:
  • I can show kindness to others
  • I can listen and appreciate being listened to
  • I can see when others are hurt or upset and can help them
  • I can help offer help to others when they need it
  • I am proud of mine and others’ achievements
  • I appreciate that we are all different and that is what makes our community special
  • I can say sorry, admit and learn from it when I have made a mistake
  • I understand that my actions, words and choices have consequences and may impact on others
  • I am ready to learn, can ask for help when I need it, and want to challenge myself
  • I understand what I need to do to keep me healthy and happy
Meet Steely Resilience

Steely Resilience represents the ability of not giving up. He says, “When we get knocked down, we get up again!”
At Roseberry, just like Steely, even though we encounter struggles and difficulties or have obstacles put in our way, we don’t give up.  With the support and encouragement of everyone at Roseberry, we keep on trying to be the best that we can be.  Steely loves to celebrate his and others’ successes and recognises that by persevering, success in all areas of school and life can be achieved.  He knows that success breeds success and at Roseberry, we like to fly high.
To be like Steely Resilience:
  • I will always give my best and not give up
  • I will ask for help when I need it
  • I can talk about things that I find difficult
  • I can listen to feedback and will use it to help me move forward
  • I can help others when they are finding things difficult
  • I can recognise when I have done well and can celebrate
  • I can recognise and values others when they have succeeded
  • I understand my feelings when I get things wrong or have made wrong choices
  • I understand that we learn from our mistakes
  • I understand that my learning is a journey
Meet Pop Pop Passion
Pop Pop represents the core values of passion and emotion. Pop Pop recognises that everyone’s passions are different and that everyone needs something to feed their soul.

At Roseberry, we are popping with passion! Enthusiasm for life beats through our hearts. This helps us to become confident, motivated and aspirational individuals.  All members of the Roseberry family are encouraged to build positive relationships based on mutual trust and respect to enable them to successfully express themselves in their own unique way.

To be like Pop Pop Passion:
  • I am motivated and have high aspirations
  • I am always ready and prepared for school
  • I wear my uniform with pride
  • I can work with others
  • I believe in telling the truth and can say sorry when I have made a mistake
  • I can take care of my property, the property of others and the school’s
  • I can follow instructions
  • I am polite and respectful to others
  • I can say “please” and “thankyou” without being prompted
  • I can express my feelings and emotions
Meet Annie, Arnie and the Aspiration Army
Annie and Arnie are part of the Aspiration Army. They always work super hard because they know the skills they learn in school will help them achieve the unimaginable in life.

Annie has always dreamed of flying high, so one day, she hopes to become a pilot. Arnie likes helping people and is very kind and caring, so one day, hopes to become a nurse.

Annie and Arnie always encourage others to stride ahead, break down boundaries and reach up high. At Roseberry, to achieve our dreams just like Annie and Arnie want to, we must be continually marching forward towards our own unique goals.

To be like Annie, Arnie and the Aspiration Army:
  • We have big dreams and are able to set goals
  • We believe in ourselves and in others and understand that we can achieve anything
  • We like to help people and to support others in the community
  • We believe that we are all equal and that stereotypes should be challenged
  • We believe that working hard is important at school and at home
  • We understand that reading and homework will help us widen our ideas
  • We respect ourselves and others as individuals and challenge those who don’t
  • We are proud of who we are
  • We are interested in the difference and similarities in school including our different beliefs, cultures, likes and dislikes
  • We listen to others when they are speaking and can follow instructions given by an adult
Meet Artie Creative
Artie Creative reflects the diversity of Roseberry. Artie Creative’s wings were once firmly stuck to her side until Roseberry Primary School encouraged her to think outside the box and spread her wings.  The super supportive environment has given Artie Creative the strength to take off and soar into the clouds, expressing her individuality as well as inventing new ideas across the curriculum and beyond.  From mathematics to musicality, from local to global, she quickly learned that you don’t need to be the best – you just need to be yourself.
To be like Artie Creative:
  • I can talk about the things I enjoy
  • I can talk about the things that other people enjoy doing
  • I understand that I should take the opportunities offered to me
  • I understand that different people enjoy doing different things
  • I understand that I might not be good at everything but I can like doing them
  • I can talk about what makes me different to my friends and why that makes me special
  • I can enjoy sharing positive experiences with others
  • I have big dreams and can set myself challenges to achieve them
  • I can motivate myself and others and encourage them to make good choices
  • I understand that I am an individual and have my own likes and dislikes
Meet Teamwork Tango
Teamwork Tango is all about teamwork. Teamwork Tango knows that when we all pull together, dreams can be achieved in school and beyond.  Teamwork Tango knows that there is no “I” in team and that when we work together, we can achieve so much more.  He is very confident and determined to be a success as an individual but also as part of a team.  He enjoys taking part and challenging himself and challenging others whilst valuing the achievements of all.  With his many arms, Tango is strong and adaptable and prepared to give his best in everything he does.
To be like Teamwork Tango:
  • I can work as part of a team and support others when needed
  • I can work together with others to achieve a shared goal
  • I can communicate with my team mates and with others
  • I can talk about the benefits of being part of a team
  • I understand the similarities and differences in our team and value them
  • I know that I need to be adaptable and able to make changes when I need to
  • I enjoy taking part and whilst enjoying winning I am a graceful loser