Mrs Maggie Fearnley  Head Teacher
Mr William Walton Chair of Governors

A retired Senior Manager within Social Services, Bill has been a Governor for 35 years. He was nominated by one of the local Councillors and has seen the transition from Local Authority decision making to the current system which allows the school and governing body to make vital decisions.

Not one to describe himself as academic, Bill has realised through his career the importance of education in all stages of life however feels it is essential to obtain a good grounding at school and hopes to pass on his experience and learnings to support the next generation.

He sees the role as a supportive and challenging one; working with the Head Teacher and leading the governing body in all aspects of running the school. Bill talks passionately about ‘his’ school and his aspirations to take one step at a time, being realistic when supporting children and their families through the education journey.

“We have some real success stories at the school and I’m particularly proud of how the children have achieved at sport; learning that they succeed when they work hard. People often tell me how well behaved our children are and that is something that is reflected whenever I am in the school.”

Mrs Elizabeth Hope Vice Chair of Governors

Elizabeth combines her role as Governor with her day job as a Teaching Assistant at Wolviston Primary School. Having two children at Roseberry Primary, she sees her role as bridging the gap between the school and the parents.

She feels it is encouraging to see the enthusiasm of the children and the passion and commitment of the staff to create a school that is forward thinking in its approach.

Keen to share her learnings from working with children with special needs, Elizabeth has been involved with the family forum and hopes to encourage the family link within the school, placing it firmly within the community.

“The school is a fun, inspiring and friendly place to be with pro-active, progressive staff that are committed to providing the best education environment for the children. It’s an exciting place and I am proud to be involved”

Mrs Trish Murray Staff Governor

When her son attended the school, Trish was keen to become more involved, offer a parent voice and understand why decisions were made. She is motivated by seeing the children grow and progress through their school journey and witness how the decisions made have a positive impact on their education.

In her role as a Governor, she is keen to make a difference, challenge decisions, offer encouragement and support the Head Teacher. She also enjoys her work as a Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, perfectly placing her to provide informed input to the board.
Trish intends to stay in the role as long as she can offer a valuable contribution.

“Roseberry is a lovely school, providing a great environment to encourage our passionate children” 

Miss Cathryn McCabe Staff Governor

Becoming a Governor was a natural progression for Cathryn; as Deputy Head of the school, she was keen to play a bigger part within the school and be involved in the decision making process. Driven by her belief that all children should be given the best possible start in life and her desire to ensure everything is done to a high standard, Cathryn is keen to ensure the children have an opportunity to progress and reach their potential. She enjoys being part of the team of staff and Governors and thinks this offers her a unique insight into the importance of making the correct decision, witnessing first hand the difference to the children. She feels privileged to see the children progress through their school career and watch them grow both academically and personally.
“Roseberry offers a safe environment for children to learn in whilst showing them every opportunity possible to expand themselves. It’s a pleasure to be involved.”

Mr Paul Murray Parent Governor appointed as Co-Opted Governor
  Parent Governor
Mr Harding Parent Governor
Mrs P Beddow
Parent Governor
Mrs Collins
Parent Governor



From September 2015, Governing Bodies are required to publish on their website, information about their governors:

Name, Category & Appointing Body Term of Office Committees Official Responsibility Attendance at

Governing Body

Attendance at


Nature of Interest Resignation Date






Pecuniary (you or a close connection – see point 1) Governor in another school/education establishment Spouse, partner or relative working in school or with business interests (see point 2.)  



Mr W Walton



26/09/2015 to 25/09/2019 Resources/School Improvement/ Pay Review Chairman of GB &

Chair of Resources



SIC:          3/3

RES          3/3

PAY          1/1









Mrs Christina Vasiliev

Parent Governor

12/12/2018 to 11/12/2022  


SIC: 3/3


RES 3/3









Ms Pamela Beddow

Co-Opted Governor

08/01/2019 to


Resources & School Improvement 1/2 Res 2/2

SIC 1/2




Co-Opted Staff member Redcar Outwood Academy

Daughter Ms Rachel Beddow is a KS2 Teacher at Roseberry Primary school
Mrs E Hope






27/06/2018 to 26/06/2022


School Improvement/Resources


Chair of SIC





Pay 1/1





Mr Stephen David Hope (Husband)

Wild Ideas gardening services) (May 2007)




Mr C Harding

Parent Governor

21/11/2018 to 20/11/2011 Resources 1/3 Res 1/2  






Mrs P Murray

Co-Opted Governor


29/04/2015 to 28/04/2019

27/6/2019 to







3/3 SIC 3 /3

Res 1/2


Works in school as a lunchtime supervisor







Mrs M Collins


LA Governor

15/06/2017 to 14/06/2021 School Improvement 2/3 SIC 2 /3

Res 1/1

None No None
Mr P Murray

C0-Opted Governor


28/02/2017 to 28/02/2021 School Improvement/ Pay Review 1/3 SIC: 1/3

PAY 1/1

Social and Market research (2003 to present)

Portrait & Event photography ( 2009 to present)



Mrs C McCabe

Staff Governor


to 5/11/19

Resources Deputy Headteacher 3/3 RES 3/3

SIC 3/2




Mrs M Fearnley


School Improvement/ Resources  


3/3 SIC:3 /3

RES 3/3




Bishopton Centre