Modern Foreign Language: French

Modern Foreign Language: French
Mrs Bowey

At Roseberry, children will have developed their language and communication through the four key skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading and knowledge taught is retained by the children and continually revisited so that children are able to apply these skills.

We do this through the teaching of weekly French lessons throughout Key Stage 2. Each year group is given a particular topic to focus on for each half term, building upon knowledge they have previously gained. As well as learning new vocabulary, they will begin to learn grammar skills which will help them form sentences in French. Children will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning both orally and in writing.


Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Autumn 1




Me and My family

Days of the week




Hobbies The future
Autumn 2



Numbers 1-20

Toutes les couleurs


The Body


Christmas key vocab

A School Trip


Christmas in France


Christmas Activities

Spring 1




Number 20-30


My home Eating Out A Weekend with Friends
Spring 2





My Town Seasons Jobs
Summer 1




At School

Sport The Environment Family
Summer 2 Animals Describing People

Positional language

On Holiday In France


We aim to prepare children for the Key Stage 3 languages curriculum to enable them to transfer confidently and successfully with a secure foundation in a foreign language.