PE and Sports News 2014 – 2015

Year 6 Boys Cricket Success

10 boys from Year 6 represented Roseberry Primary School at the Billingham Year 6 Cricket Finals. The boys showed fantastic team spirit and determination to squeeze through to the Year 6 Stockton Cricket Finals. The Standard was extremely high with Roseberry losing all their games.

“We were really unlucky to lose all our games. We only lost by a few runs and at the end of the day we had a great time and that’s what counts” – a great attitude by Crucial Crew member Leon.


Netballers hold their nerve at Billingham and Stockton Netball Finals

Roseberry Primary School took 4 teams (A, B, C, and D) to the Billingham Netball Finals. Each team consisted of 10 children from across both years 5 and 6. The children enjoyed the tournament and loved showcasing their skills against other children from other primary schools in the Billingham area. All our children showed fantastic endurance, attitude and behaviour. Team A finished top of the league with Team B finishing third, Team C fourth and Team D joint sixth.


(Outstanding defending by Roseberry A (Dark Blue Bibs) at the Billingham Netball Finals)

Team A consisting of Ben, Brandon, Aaron, Leonie, Lucy and Brooke went on to represent Billingham at the Stockton Netball Finals. Roseberry were placed in a tough group against Myton Park (Ingelby), St Joseph’s (Norton), Levendale (Yarm), Mill Lane (Stockton) and Crooksbarne of Stockton.

Roseberry’s first game against St Joseph’s was a hard fought game with both teams cancelling each other out. Roseberry took the lead only for St Joesphs to score in the finals seconds to tie the game. Roseberry then went on to thrash Myton Park 4-1 and Mill Lane 5-0, respectively. Roseberry then played tournament favourites Crooksbarne Primary. Roseberry were dominant in the first half took and early 2 point lead. Only, for Crooksbarne to draw level, with two Roseberry children injured and out of the game Crooksbarne took advantage and scored a vital goal winning the game 3- 2.

“We must learn to play to the whistle. Even if we have team members injured we have to keep going” – A fantastic analysis by Aaron W.

With confidence very low a very tired Roseberry struggled against Levendale and even after wave after wave of attack and several chances to score they drew the game 0-0. Unfortunately, Roseberry finished third in their league and will did not qualify for the Tees Valley event.


Colossal effort at the Y5 Billingham Cricket Finals

30 of our year 5 children represented Roseberry primary school at the Billingham Cricket Finals held at Billingham C.C on Wednesday. They were split into 3 teams (A, B and Girls only Team).      All children behaved impeccably and enjoyed playing against other children from different primary schools in the Billingham area. Team A were very successful in winning all their games against Billingham South Community Primary, Bewley Primary and Roseberry B. Roseberry convincingly came 1st overall. They will now go on to represent the Northfeild Cluster at the Stockton Cricket Finals. Well done to all children involved.


(All our children celebrating winning the Billingham Year 5 Cricket Finals)

“Even though we won every game, it was very difficult. We must improve if we are to be successful at the Stockton finals in June” Peter, Year 5.


Children experience a day of success at Prissick Base Sports Base

32 children represented the school at the Billingham Year 5 and 6 Athletics. This event was held at the Prissick Base Sports Village. The children got to compete in events such as 60/80m Sprint, 60m Hurdles, 5 x 80m Relay, Triple jump, Long Jump, Howler Throw and Chest Pass.

All our children’s behaviour was outstanding and they showed a superb competitive spirit. 8 of our children excelled and got to represent Northfield Cluster at the Stockton Athletics Finals. Well done to:

Hannah – Y5 Girls 60m Sprint 1s
Lucy – Y6 Girls 80m Sprint 1st
Chloe Darby – Y6 Girls Chest Pass 1st
Leonie McNally – Y6 Girls 60m Hurdles 1st
Cameron Blyth – Y6 Boys Long Jump 1st
Megan Brown – Y5 Girls Long Jump 1st
Aaron West – Y6 Boys Long Jump 1st
Ellie Fearne – Y5 Girls Triple Jump 1st
Millie Seal – Y6 Girls Triple Jump 1st

All the children loved being in such a competitive environment with lots of our children narrowly missing out on podium finishes. Three children in particular were very successful. Lucy Johnson coming 1st in the 80m sprint, Leonie 2nd in the 60m Hurdles and Megan grabbed Bronze (3rd) in the Long Jump. Well done Girls, they will now go on to represent Stockton Schools at the Tees Valley Athletics Event at the end of the month.

(“Watch out Richard Kilty!” – Lucy Year 6. Lucy, Leonie and Megan showing off their medals)


Girls rise to the challenge at the Billingham Football Finals at Northfield School.

Roseberry took 2 teams consisting of 16 children to compete in the Billingham Girls Football finals held at Northfield School and Sports College. Firstly, all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came back to school with a new passion for football. The B team worked really well as a part of a team and even though they were unable to score or win a game their showed the spirit and attitude of champions.


(Roseberry’s Girls Football team celebrating their success)

Team A found their first game very difficult. They were matched by a very competent St Pauls team and narrowly lost 2-0. They slowly grew in confidence in drawing with a strong St Johns team and Billingham South 1-1 respectively. Eventually they got their win against their friends and classmates of Roseberry B Team.

Team A did a fantastic job of coming 1st in their group and have now qualified to represent Billingham in the Stockton Girls Football Finals at Northfield on Wednesday the 4th of March.


Hoop dreams are shattered at Stockton Basketball Finals 2015.

7 children represented Roseberry Primary School and Billingham Schools at the Stockton Basketball Finals held at Marsh House Avenue, Northfield.


(Photograph taken by crucial crew reporter Courtney Rosin.)

Roseberry were placed in a tough group consisting of primary schools form around the Stockton Borough. Roseberry played Village Primary School from Thornaby in their first game. Roseberry were fantastic in possession and easily won the game 8-0.

The next game proved a little more difficult, with Roseberry missing several chances to score, including free throws. Roseberry narrowly lost 4-3 to Mill Lane Primary School from Stockton.

Roseberry meet a very competent Myton Primary School for Ingelby Barwick. Again after missing several chances Myton Primary School hit Roseberry on the break to win 2-0. Roseberry then bounced back by thrashing St Patricks RC form Thornaby 10-0.


Unfortunately Roseberry did not manage to make it through to the semifinals and will not represent Stockton at the Tees Valley Finals in February.

Well done to all children involved. They showed fantastic attitude and were determined to succed. Courtney our Crucial Crew Reporter wrote “All the children worked well as a team and really enjoyed themselves. They deserved to win more, but that’s just the way it goes”


Roseberry net another trophy at the Billingham Basketball Competition

Roseberry Primary School entered 3 teams ( A, B and a C team) into the Billingham Basketball finals held at Northfield Marsh House Avenue Wednesday 14th of January 2015. All 20 children enjoyed playing basketball against local primary schools from the Billingham area. Below are the results and a brief summary written by our Crucial Crew Reporter Courtney.

sport pic

(Photo taken by Crucial Crew Photographer Oliver Thompson)


Roseberry Primary School A team results:

RPS A v Priors Mill                                                Draw     0-0

RPS A v RPS B                                                     Won      8-0

RPS A v Billingham South B                                   Won      4-0

RPS A v Billingham South A                                   Won      4-3


The Roseberry Primary A team started off nervously and made very hard work of their first game against Priors Mill CE Primary School. However, once settled RPS A team sailed through each game unbeaten and qualified to represent Billingham Schools at the Stockton Basketball Finals on Thursday 25 January. Well Done to Leonie, Lucy, Josh, Aaron D, Brooke and Ben.


Roseberry Primary School B Team results:

RPS B v RPS A                                                     Lost        0-8

RPS B v Billingham South B                                   Won      4-0

RPS B v Billlingham South A                                   Lost        4-2

RPS B v Priors Mill                                                Won      6-0

Roseberry unfortunately met their friends RPS A team in the first game. RPS B team struggled to keep a rampant RPS A team at bay, losing their first game 8-0. RPS got back on track winning against both Billingham South B team and Priors mill comfortably. The B team then met a well organised Billingham South A Team and were narrowly beaten, finishing 3rd in the group. This was a fantastic team effort. Fatima, Hannah, Liam, Ethan, Lewis and Brandon should be very proud of their accomplishments.


Roseberry Primary School C Team results:

RPS C v St Pauls RC Primary School B                 Lost        0-2

RPS C v St Joseph’s RC Primary School B             Draw     2-2

RPS C v St Pauls RC Primary School A                 Lost        2-6

RPS C v St Joseph’s RC Primary School A            Lost        2-14


The C team were made up of 7 children from year 5. Although the team failed to win a game, they showed outstanding potential. Event organiser Mr Peter Sheean praised all the children on their attitude and their ability. This was a fantastic experience and will serve the children well for next year’s competition. All children showed outstanding determination and excellent sportsmanship. Well done to Sophie, Ellie, Megan, Peter, Riley, Charlie and Sam.

Courtney our Crucial Crew Reporter said “All children tried their best and did a really good job at coming 1st, 3rd and joint 4th in their leagues” Courtney went on to say “ Year 5 children will have a chance of winning it next year as they looked better than some of the other year 6 teams from other Primary Schools”



Stockton Schools Sporthall Athletics Final November 2014

Eighteen children represented Roseberry Primary School at the Stockton School Sportshall athletic finals held at Marsh House Avenue, Billingham. The team consisted of 9 Boys and 9 Girls and they competed against the other primary schools from around the Stockton Borough. Roseberry were placed in a group against Layfield Primary (of Yarm), The Village Primary (of Thornaby), Christ the King Primary (of Thornaby), St Pauls (of Stockton) and Myton Park (of Ingelby Barwick).

(Showing off their Bronze medals! Rosberry Primary Stockton Schools Sportshall Athletics Runners up.)

Roseberry were fantastic and came 3rd. This was a super achievement considering that the team was made up by seven, Year 5 children, who held their own competing against other Year 6 children. Unfortunately, Roseberry did not qualify for the Tees Valley event.

Well done to Lucy, Leonie, Hannah, Niamh, Brooke, Sophie, Amelia, Elle, Bobby, Aaron D, Aaron W, Ben, Riley, Charlie, Sam and Oliver. A massive thank you to Miss Bardgett and Miss Logan for supervising the children whilst at the competition.

Sports Hall Athletics 2014

Roseberry Primary School took thirty-six children to Marsh House Avenue to participate in the Billingham Sportshall Athletics competition. The children were split into two teams: the A Team (Year 6 children) and the B Team (Year 5 children), consisting of 9 boys and 9 girls. The children competed in events including: relay races, obstacle relays, the standing long jump, the standing triple jump and the javelin. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to witness their willingness to succeed and the super support they gave to one another.

sportshall athletics image

The Roseberry B Team surprised everyone by finishing a very respectable 3rd overall. This was a fantastic achievement as the seven other primary schools competing were represented by Year 6 children.

Our year 6 children finished first overall and were worthy winners of the competition.

However, all children from Roseberry Primary School were winners in the eyes of both the event organisers, leaders and teacher as they showed an outstanding attitude and were highly praised for their sportsmanship.

Roseberry will now represent Billingham Schools at the Stockton Schools Sporthall Athletic finals on Wednesday 26th November

Billingham Tag Rugby Competition 2013

Roseberry progress through to Stockton Tag Rugby Finals with Mini’s hot on their heels.

Roseberry took thirty-one children to this year’s Billingham Tag Rugby Competition. The event was held at Northfield Sports College with over 16 school teams entering in total. Roseberry entered 3 teams (A, B and a mini team, consisting of just year 5 children).
Tag Rugby

(Roseberry A in action against Priors Mill B Team)

The mini roseberry teams made up of year 5 children were: Elle, Sophie, Millie, Libby, Alicia, Riley, Ryan, Oliver, Charlie, Ryan M , James and Sam. This team was placed in a very difficult league featuring St Pauls A Team, Billingham South B team. The Mini Roseberry Team did very well in winning two games and lost narrowly to semi-finalists Wolviston.

Roseberry B team included Y6 children: Connor, Brandon, Harry, Lewis, Liam, Millie. Niamh and Hannah. Unfortunately, the B team did not qualify through the semi finals stages after failing to win a game.

The A team included Y6 children: Lucy, Chloe, Brooke, Leonie, Aaron W, Aaron D, Ben and Matthew. The A team managed to win every one of their group games, managing to score 25 tries and only concede 5. The A team made it into the semi final against a very strong St Josephs’ of Norton. The game was very tight and eventually, St Josephs winning by a golden try in ‘Extra Time’. Roseberry A team ensured they progressed through to the Stockton finals by beating Wolviston A team in the 3rd/4th playoff.

Thank you to all parents and staff who ensured that we were able to make the competition. Well done to all children involved  – we are very proud of your achievements.

Stockton Tag Rugby Finals 2014

Roseberry took thirteen children from both Year 5 and 6 to the Stockton Stag Rugby Finals. The event included the best primary schools from Stockton, Billingham, Thornaby, Ingelby Barwick, Eaglecliffe and Yarm and was held at Billingham Rugby Club.

Roseberry were placed in a tough group consting of St Josephs of Norton (Billingham Finalsits), Tilery (Stockton Finalsits) The Links (Eaglescliffe Finalists). Unfortunately, Roseberry missed out in qualifying for the semifinals. The result were are followed:

Rosebery Primary School             Vs           St Josephs (of Norton)
2                                                                              3
Ben B, Aaron D

Roseberry Primary School           Vs           Tilery Primary School
2                                                                              2
Aaron D (2)

Roseberry Primary School           Vs           The Links Primary School
2                                                                              1
Aaron W, Aaron W

Thank you to Mille for the great photography and Courtney for her expert analysis of Roseberry’s and opponents performance.

“Within 1 minute Ben scored a try but it didn’t count as he took more than one step (he didn’t)”

“Aaron made a mistake by holding the ball more than 3 seconds. Sam ran with the ball in one hand three times in a row giving possession to the other team”

“The other team snatched the ball from Ben’s hand and scored a try that shouldn’t of counted. Leonie threw the ball behind her but it didn’t go to a player. Sam ran with the ball in one hand again”

We were easily the best team and played the better rugby. We just made too many mistakes and we gave up too easily”

Courtney 6P

Billingham Football Finals 2014

Roseberry took ten children to the Billingham Football finals held at Northfield school and Sports College. This was a fantastic event with over 14 teams attending. Roseberry were placed in a tough group consisting of 6 other team including favourites Priors mill and St. Pauls.

football 2

Roseberry drew their first game 0-0 against Holy Rosary, 0-0. The next two games were tough for Roseberry and showed fantastic attitude and determination. Roseberry narrowly lost to a strong St. Pauls team (2-0)and were beat convincingly by Priors Mill (4-0).

Roseberry suddenly started to find their feet by beating Billingham South (4-0) and St Joseph’s of Billingham (1-0) only to miss out on qualifying for the semi-finals by losing too a late goal against St Johns of Billingham (1-0).

football 1

Thank you to Courtney who took all the photos and was a terrific reporter. Courtney said “Considering this was a B team and we had Y5 playing, we did really well. We will win it next year!”