Roseberry Primary School PE and Sports Crucial Crew Team

Below are the all our Year 6 children who were successful in applying to be a part of our Roseberry Crucial crew (school games organisers). This group of pupil are responsible for helping with the running of PE and sport in school.

crucial crew team

Meet the Team:

Leon, Leonie, Lucy and Connor (trainer and organisers): Their role is to lead and coach small sessions to the smaller children around school as well as officiate small sided games and tournaments between children, classes and year groups. The trainers and organisers are also responsible as the ‘school voice’ on PE and Sport in Roseberry Primary this involves finding out what sports/activities our children want to be involved in.

Courtney (Team Reporter): Courtney’s role is to report on all things to do with sport and PE with in the school from observing and analysing performance and finding to report writing for the school website and weekly newsletter.

Lauren and Samantha (Team Kit Supervisor): Both Lauren and Samantha are key in ensuring that all PE equipment is available and in working order. They are also in charge that the PE cupboard is clean, tidy and safe. Lauren and Samantha ensure that our Roseberry Primary Representation tracksuit is always clean, pressed and available for when our children compete at various sporting competitions.

Oliver: (Team Photographer): Oliver is responsible for capturing everything that is going on with PE and Sport both inside and outside of school.

Ethan (Team Website administrator): This is a new role given Ethan to ensure both the School website and school games website is always up to date with what’s going on in Sport and PE in Roseberry Primary School.